6-month program

Journey of Adjustment

September 2022 - February 2023

"We choose to be happy, or we choose to be miserable, but in both instances, the amount of effort required is the same."

This 6-month journey is all about Shifting the Focus to claim back confidence in our ability to make a conscious choice of where we focus our attention.

People spend most of their lives interacting with others in one way or another, but they mostly don’t know what it means to relate. Whether at the level of business, social activities or family life, managing relationships takes skill and practice…

How can you ever know what you want out of a relationship, or how to make your relationship work, when you yourself don’t know what you want for yourself?

Life revolves around relationships. Therefore, to find fulfilment, the first thing to learn is a different way of relating – a way that keeps us in touch with our own values and our deepest aspirations. So often in relationships, people leave themselves out of the equation – either by “fitting in” and not speaking up or by removing themselves from the relationship altogether.

The biggest problems arise in personal relationships. Because people have a whole heap of unvoiced and unfulfilled expectations, warmth and camaraderie become supplanted by anger and blame. They tend to think that a partner has to supply that which they themselves lack, and so people get involved in relationships which are debilitating and frustrating, as they are based on sets of conditions and co-dependency, rather than upon mutual appreciation and sharing.

In this 6-month program, we show that Life is a most priceless gift, but if we are to savour the full beauty of this gift we must be able to relate to life. This means that we must develop the ability to relate to ourselves and to those around us in a meaning-full and fulfilling manner.

We dispel the myth that two halves in a relationship can make one whole, and show you that if a relationship is to succeed, it needs two whole people.


  • The differences between emotions and feelings and why this distinction is imperative to know.

  • The importance of potential and how to access your full potential.

  • A deeper understanding of awareness and, the all-important concept of the relative factor of awareness.

  • Exploring further the differences in APPROACH by males and females.

  • How to use your inner male to learn to hunt more effectively.

  • How to use your inner female to enter and explore the unknown with confidence instead of trepidation and fear.

  • The rules for relationships that work.

  • Deeper exploration of the process of intelligent cooperation.

  • Working with the universal law of light and reflection.

  • Exploring “mothers and little boys” relationships and how to bring them back into balance.

  • The art of listening.


Liisi Lillemäe
Your guide on this journey

Liisi likes creation - art and design, also the creation of her own life. She has been interested throughout her conscious life in the mystery of herself, other human beings, and life in general. She is excited to discover and fulfill her potential and share it with the world.

Back in 2012, she started to doubt many things in her life, in the outer world, and in society. Something didn't feel right. It led her to the alternative world view, self-development books and courses, and later to active self-development work. One thing leads to another and from 2020 she is happy to learn and work in .Cocoonity Warrior School and in .Contirber.

Today she is learning to be real. She listens to her heart and gives her best to be aligned with it. She wants to say words that are true to her heart, to make decisions and act on her own experience and knowledge. Although sometimes it's difficult for her to overcome her own obstacles she still enjoys walking on the path of her heart.


Liisi works in .Cocoonity Warrior School to support people to listen to themselves, be themselves and feel fulfilled. She needs to go after her inner feeling, after her purpose.  She says that there are too many miserable people in the world and wishes that they would open their eyes and hearts, that they would trust themselves and life around them.



During the 6-month period, we will use 2 group work formats - Reading Group and Accountability Group.
Reading Group is a group work format with in-person meetings every other week.
Accountability Group is a practical, 8-week group work format with weekly online meetings. There will be 2 accountability journeys during these 6 months.

The 6-month Journey of Adjustment will start in September 2022 and end in February 2022.


Group meetings will take place online, via Zoom.

To whom?
The 6-month Journey of Adjustment is for anyone who is interested to explore themselves using their own daily experiences.

Group size:
The group has a maximum of 12 people.


300 € if paid all at once or 75 €/monthly fee.


E-mail: triin@contriber.com; phone: (+372) 5804 8501