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We are always happy to talk with people who are interested in self-discovery.

Please, create an account through Bubble, and let's have a 30-minute call to see what experience would be the best fit for you and just to get to know each other a little better. 


Rein Lemberpuu,

.Cocoonity founder



Triin Sarri

.Cocoonity CEO

I believe our perception of the outer world is the reflection of our inner world. If we arrange and coordinate our inner realms, it will also reflect in the physical world.


Riin Lisett Rei


I see the value .Contriber brings - a life-changing mindset that will help people succeed in life, both professionally and personally.


Rein Lemberpuu

.Contriber CEO

Every person has an innate capability to lead the relationships with everything in your life and by cultivating that faculty intentionally we can upgrade any area of our life where we choose to put the focus on.


Kristiina Kodanik

Real Estate manager

I believe in change - when I change, the world around me changes. When you get clear about your dreams and goals, opportunities will come. Today I am happy to have my passions all combined together in my daily work.

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