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Unwanted Secrets of Power

by Rein Lemberpuu

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If you have enjoyed the Love Letters by Rein Lemberpuu, you will also enjoy the upcoming book "Unwanted Secrets of Power". Pre-order the book to be among the first people who get the information about ordering the book. 

Since time is clearly the biggest asset we will ever have, why spend time reading and understanding how we are operating? The answer is exactly the same as the question points out – time. Once you know how your psychological makeup functions, you can save and compress time. 

This book helps you to learn more about yourself and find the secrets to personal power. 

How to gain the power to do anything I can dream of?

How to use the world around us to learn and practice self-discovery?

How can I recognize my Path with Heart?

You can pre-order the book. 

33 €


What is Personal Power?

Personal Power is the product of perception; more specifically, perception of self determines what I believe I am capable of doing. The interesting thing about perception is that it functions like internal currency. I can gather that currency in one area of myself and use it on another area of myself. Therefore, the more I gather, the more I can believe in my abilities. Just like in the outer world, it doesn't really matter what kind of tasks (well, except the illegal stuff) you do to earn the inner currency called personal power.

In the business world, we know that opening up a new revenue stream (aka a new venture) is easier if you already have some capital. The same can be said for acquiring new perceptions about yourself. Namely, it takes personal power to align with a new perception about yourself. Knowing this, it makes sense to collect all the possible perceptions of ourselves, for which there is no better tool than the Mirror concept. Gather all the positive and negative perceptions you possibly can and become an internal millionaire. With that money, you can literally become anything you can dream of or, more precisely anything you can dream in.

From the chapter "Why do perceptions of self matter?"

About the author

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My journey of finding the Path of Knowledge started 14 years ago with a very nice crisis where everything went south - my marriage was in crisis, I had quit a successful career and all my businesses were losing money. So everything became really difficult and this brought me to the search of why I'm here and what's my purpose in this life. After a few years, I found the Path of Knowledge, and this felt very familiar as if I have been walking on this path already before.


From that point on, I have been looking for ways to pass on this material to other people because I do resonate very strongly that this is my purpose in life - to be the one who can introduce and guide people on the Path of Knowledge.

I met more than 50 people also on the Path of Knowledge over 10 years until, at some point, I said that I really wanted to do those courses also in Estonia. I think it was in 2017 that we put together the first course in Estonia, and since then, we have done it two or three times each year.

I've introduced this way of self-discovery to more than 300 people. It's super practical, meaning that you can implement something you learn today already tomorrow in your life and see the results, which makes it kind of an easy path. But on the other hand, it is so deep. There are so many angles, and it goes from the rational mind to the feeling and irrational side. So it becomes unbelievably difficult.

To make information into knowledge, you need to go through the experience. You are expected to do it within your normal daily life - doing business, having family, and relationships. This path happens when you live. 


Title: Unwanted Secrets of Power

Author: Rein Lemberpuu

Inspired and edited: Anu Martinson

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English

Year of publication: 2023

Publisher: .C Print

ISBN: 978-9916-4-1794-2

Raekoja Plats 16, Tartu

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