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Next Accountability Group
May 1st

What are Accountability Groups?


In the Accountability Group you meet weekly with other Warrior School members to keep each other on track with your chosen practical task and assist each other on the journey of self-discovery.

You typically work with whatever is relevant in your life in the present time or it is also possible to work on keeping commitments, intelligent cooperation, and impeccability.

The group's job is to hold you accountable for the commitments you have made to yourself and your peers. There are 9 meetings in 8 weeks. We first meet in the big groups and then split into smaller groups of 3-4 members whose tasks are related. Each group sets their own schedule and meets weekly in Zoom or in person to share how they are doing and to support each other to be on the track and get over obstacles that they have encountered.

The next Accountability Group starts on Sunday, May 1. Come and grow your self-awareness with us to make the changes towards life you wish.

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“ I’ve come to realize that as humans we have so much more in common than we dare to admit - even as complete strangers, despite our nationality or background. We all have feelings and memories buried deep inside which tend to guide our actions (or actionless behavior). Being accountable for a group of people struggling with similar challenges carries a wonderful feeling, as it offers a supportive environment. It is also a place where you can feel safe and receive honest and direct feedback to help to achieve your goal. A place where you will definitely get more in contact with your inner power.”

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