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.Cocoonity Mentors


.Cocoonity is a school for higher learning.


We teach people how to handle relationships, for at the end of the day all of life is about relationships.


Because we believe that the only true knowledge is experiential, we provide the setting for you to feel for yourself your own wonder and uniqueness; to experience for yourself your own value, potential, and creativity.


Our teachings are based on the ancient tradition, normally referred to as The Path of Knowledge, a non-sectarian and non-racial belief system encouraging freedom of religion and philosophy.


The Path of Knowledge is essentially a practical approach to daily life and the many challenges we encounter as our destiny unfolds, leading ultimately to freedom through the skillful handling of awareness.

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Jan Éwalo Burckhardt Razeto

I help others help themselves achieve the clarity they need to improve their relationships by practicing the concept of mirrors and that of Harmony through Conflict.

Anu Martinson

I'm interested in people. I enjoy seeing people discover their inner superpowers, achieve their dreams and find their path with the heart. I believe that we have all the needed resources inside ourselves. All we need to do is find them and build them stronger.

Aleksander Tõnnisson

My vision is to take full responsibility for my own life and to help others do the same.

Liisi Lillemäe

I like creation - art, design, all handy activities, and the creation of my life.  I have been interested throughout my conscious life in the mystery of myself, other human beings around me, and life in general. I am excited to discover and fulfill my potential and share it with the world around me.

Kristiina Kodanik

I believe in change - when I change, the world around me changes. When you get clear about your dreams and goals, opportunities will come. Today I am happy to have my passions all combined together in my daily work.

Triin Sarri

I believe our perception of the outer world is the reflection of our inner world. If we arrange and coordinate our inner realms, it will also reflect in the physical world.

Hristo Neiland

I believe that all our barriers are made by ourselves, therefore with proper support, we can also take them down.

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