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Journey of Adjustment

April 13-16, 2023

We spend most of our lives interacting with people in one way or another, but we mostly don’t know what it means to relate. Whether at the level of business, social activities or family life, managing relationships takes skill and practice…

We dispel the myth that two or more half parties can make one whole by forming a relationship, whether it is a business relationship or a personal relationship. We show you that if any relationship is to succeed, it needs all parties to be whole.


Our biggest problems arise in our everyday relationships. Because we have a whole heap of unvoiced and unfulfilled expectations, warmth and camaraderie become supplanted by anger and blame. We tend to think that others have to supply that which we ourselves lack, and so we often involve ourselves in relationships that are debilitating and frustrating, as they are based on sets of conditions and co-dependency, rather than upon mutual appreciation and sharing.


In this masterclass, we show that Life is a most priceless gift, but if we are to savour the full beauty of this gift we must be able to relate to life. This means that we must develop the ability to relate to ourselves and to those around us in a meaning-full and fulfilling manner.




Discovering the true way to relate


By learning how to put ourselves back into the equation our relationships can become transformed into true relationships – the type of relationships that grow and evolve as we grow, and that remain an enduring source of meaning and fulfillment. In this, we must always remember that this is a Journey of Adjustment – step by step.

The Journey of Adjustment Masterclass


The Journey of Adjustment is a unique Masterclass - for life. Because of the practical nature and tools shared in The Journey of Adjustment, you will learn again how to be the Captain of your life and your relationships – resulting in a life full of powerful action, ownership and meaningful relationships. You will be guided to find your own insights through dialogue and practice, learn to see the other as a reflection of your own behaviour, a mirror that supports you to improve the quality of your relationships, by changing your own behaviour and thus yourself. You will learn the difference in approaches between men and women and the power that lies within that, including how to use it; how to handle your emotions effectively, stop compromising yourself and to grow from conflict. In this masterclass, you will find the path of your heart, where you can be totally who you are. From insight to action!

How Can I Find Fulfilment in my Relationships?


Life revolves around relationships. Therefore, to find fulfilment, we need first to learn a different way of relating – a way that keeps us in touch with our own values and our deepest aspirations. So often in our relationships, we leave ourselves out of the equation – either by “fitting in” and not speaking up or by removing ourselves from the relationship altogether.

How can you ever know what you want out of a relationship, or make your relationship work, when you yourself don’t know what you want for yourself?

Topics include

  • The differences between emotions and feelings and why this distinction is imperative to know

  • The importance of potential and how to access your full potential

  • A deeper understanding of awareness and the all-important concept of the relative factor of awareness

  • Exploring further the differences in APPROACH by males and females

  • Deeper exploration of the process of intelligent cooperation

  • Working with the universal law of light and refection

  • Exploring “mothers and little boys” relationships and how to bring them back into balance

  • The art of listening

  • The rules for relationships that work

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About Anu Martinson

Facilitator of  the Masterclass


Anu is a happy member of .Contriber One family providing all these services that support our journey in Life. She is part of the Warrior School and its community, also she is responsible for relationships in .Cocoon Program supporting start-up businesses on their journey.


Anu’s journey to get to know businesses and herself started in banking. She supported businesses with finding financing for their ideas. At one point she wanted to experience how these ideas come into being and what is it that makes one company successful and the other not. So she moved forward to an international shared service centre developing business processes and from there continued her journey as a quality manager. The main thing she learned is that people want to make a difference, they want to help their companies to grow. That led her to coaching and mentoring. She has loved asking questions all her life and has had a curiosity to unfold the mysteries of the World, to understand more of where we live in. And of the worlds beyond this world. So this is a natural flow of life that now she is in a business that supports people to look for their own mystery.


In most cases, people are not friends with change. It creates confusion and fear of the unknown. Yet the transformation is something that gives us power, we become more confident and discover all the new aspects that life has to offer.

Anu feels that it is her duty to support people on this journey and she likes to see them discover their inner superpowers that will lead them closer to their dreams.

About Aleksander Tõnnisson

The Co-Facilitator of  the Masterclass

Today almost all of Aleksander's work-life roles and responsibilities help him forward on his path of self-discovery. One of his callings in life is supporting other people on their journey to wherever they need to go. He does that by mentoring in Warrior School, mentoring startup founders to align their purpose with their company’s vision, and investing in companies with founders interested in self-hacking.


He has 2 daughters and a wife. At home he have claimed the head of the family role, which to him means that he's a role model to his family, he takes responsibility for values, traditions, and symbols in the family's everyday life, and he provides a lead in terms of family goals and vision.

When he started his first company, he thought that he had to give everything to that company, so he did, for years. Until there was nothing more to give, and he ended up in the ER with extreme chest pains and panic attacks, followed by total burnout. So, he started to look for answers that traditional medicine could not give him. That led him to the path of self-discovery, he met Rein Lemberpuu, joined the .Cocoon program (back then as a client), and the rest is already history.

His vision is to take full responsibility for his own life and help others do the same. A common thread he sees in people struggling to make their plans into reality is blaming external factors, which is the same as not taking responsibility for everything that happens within their lives. In other words, they are taking a victim role in the situation and life in general. It’s very common to attribute your successes to skills, but your failures to randomness. Aleksander says: "I know because I’ve been there myself."



The Masterclass starts on Thursday at 2 pm and finishes on Sunday evening with a dinner together. From Friday to Sunday we will start the day at 9 am.

The nature of the Masterclass does not allow for set times for breaks. Lunch will be between 12.30 - 2.30 pm, dinner between 7.00 - 9.00 pm. Meals will be served in Café Truffe.
There will ve plenty of breaks with coffee and snacks available at all times.



The Masterclass will be held in sTARTUp Hub, Kompanii 2, Tartu, Estonia.

Suggestions for arranging your Accommodation

The Masterclass fee does not cover the costs of accommodation.
You can arrange your accommodation by choosing one of the nearby hotels below:
Hotel Pallas -
Hotel Lydia -
Hotel Dorpat -
Hektor Hostel -


Please note that to participate in the Masterclass you need to be a member of Warrior School. We are happy to introduce you to our school and our process for self-discovery.


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