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.Cocoonity is a membership-based school for higher learning on Warrior's Path. 

Who is .Cocoonity for?⁠

There are many possibilities to discover who we are, where we should be going, why we exist. This community is for people who want to explore the mystery of life, be more balanced, and grow through the challenges in their lives.

There are plenty of services and events available for .Cocoonity members. Let's talk and figure out which one fits best for your needs. 

Cocoonity is for individuals. For business context - entrepreneurs and business clients, we have .Cocoon Program.


Rein Lemberpuu

.Cocoonity founder


Reading Groups

Hack your everyday life by joining a reading group and get new perspectives to your challenges by sharing and reading.

Challenge Group

If some challenges in your life keep coming back, it's the right time for a change. Challenge Group helps you understand your challenge and find solutions that are not that visible at first.

1-on-1 mentoring

If you need help with your current challenge, ask for support from one of our mentors for as many sessions as you need. 

Accountability Group

Build your will. Keep yourself accountable for a change you want to make in your life. Also, give and receive support from the group through this experience.


A 4-day course that focuses on your relationships, childhood, and self. You will gain a new perspective on your life and the journey you are on.


The Reading Group attracted me with the intellectual conversation between people who are interested in self-development. The books selected provide a great opportunity for this conversation.

Andres Heinsaar


What is self-discovery?

Self-discovery is a process toward understanding why you do what you do. Why you do those things like you do and not in some other way. It’s a process during which one finds out layers one has built around one’s true self.

Self-discovery different methods are used to understand oneself. Everyone does it on different intensity levels and methods throughout their life. So there are no questions if one wants to do it, the only question is, how one chooses to do it. Consciously, unconsciously, methodically, randomly, etc.

kristjan bek (1).png

I joined .Cocoonity thanks to Rein and discovered a great community of motivated and talented people to learn from and get feedback about the challenges I'm facing while walking my path.

In the Reading Group, I have gained a lot of new ideas and perspectives to improve my life, which otherwise would have taken much more time. Sharing personal stories enables us to discover the areas that were unknown before. I also recommend participating in the Accountability Group which helps to design supportive habits. It can be a transformative experience if you really put your effort into it.

Kristjan Bek


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everyday challenges

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