Different methods of self-discovery are used to understand oneself. Everyone does it on different intensity levels and with different methods throughout their life. So there are no questions if one wants to do it, the only question is, how one chooses to do it. Consciously, unconsciously, methodically, randomly, in a group, in pair, alone, etc.

.Cocoonity offers various types of group services for people interested in self-discovery. Here’s a quick overview of the options available. Learn more about each option by clicking on the link. If you need help with deciding where to start or continue with your self-discovery journey, let’s talk and let’s find together the best path for you.

Reading Groups

Hack your everyday life by joining a reading group and get new perspectives to your challenges by sharing and reading.

Accountability Group

Build your will. Keep yourself accountable for a change you want to make in your life. Also, give and receive support from the group through this experience.

Challenge Group

If some challenges in your life keep coming back, it's the right time for a change. Mentoring Group helps you understand your challenge and find solutions that are not that visible at first.

.Cocoonity has helped me find the life values I have been looking for for a long time. It has brought new joy to my life and great and respectable people.

Tauri Trummal 

Why are people joining .Cocoonity?


Some people want more from life than what is on the surface. You can always discover it by yourself but it is much easier with a group of people with similar interest around you because they help to bring you real-life experiences. 

Working on self-discovery also needs mirrors around you. Traits you see in other people are clues for you to understand yourself better. Why some things trigger you or why you react to something different than others? .Cocoonity is the perfect place to take time to understand these things about yourself.