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Anu Martinson

.C Lady at .Cocoonity
Head of relationships at .Cocoon Program

I'm interested in people. I enjoy seeing people discover their inner superpowers, achieve their dreams and find their path with the heart. I believe that we have all the needed resources inside ourselves. All we need to do is find them and build them stronger.

What do you do today?

I am a door opener creating space for discovering the possibilities. I like the power of questions and the flow of the process. I believe that we have all the needed resources in ourselves. All we need to do is just find them and build them stronger.

Today I am responsible for relationships in .Cocoon Program supporting start-up businesses on their journey. I am also part of the Warrior School and its community. But I really do like to support people and businesses through coaching and mentoring  to bring on the needed change and meet their own wonders.

How did you get there?

For as long as I remember I have loved asking questions and have had a curiosity to unfold the myseries of the World, to understand more of where we live in. And of the worlds beyond this world.

My journey to get to know businesses and myself started in banking. I supported businesses with finding financing for their ideas. I saw many interesting ideas but how to get through all of those rules and regulations in banking? And is every idea worth bringing it into the world?

At one point I wanted to experience myself how these ideas come into being, how in reality numbers end up on the balance sheet, what do they actually mean and what is it that makes one company successful and the other not. So I found myself in an international shared service center developing business processes. And I saw the benefits that quality management principles and approaches can bring to the company. I wanted to know more.

I continued my journey as a quality manager. I learned the power of simple and clear processes, clear communication and instructions. But the main thing I learned is that people want to make a difference, they want to help their companies to grow. That led me to coaching and mentoring.

On the parallel my own personal life had twists and turns. Having lost my father at age 17, supporting and caring for my mother who was depressed and had health issues I had to face all what life had to offer on my own. But if the world takes something away, it always gives something instead.

And here I am today, a proud mother to a wonderful son and happy member of .Contriber One  family providing all these services that support our journey in Life.

Why are you doing what you are doing? What is your vision?

My own inner curiosity always drives me one step further and deeper. I want to learn more, understand better, grow as a person.

In most cases, people are not friends with change. It creates confusion, scares, brings challenges, and lots of unknowns. Yet the transformation is something that gives us power, we become more confident and discover all the new aspects that life has to offer. I feel it is my duty to support people on this journey and I do like to see them discover their inner superpowers, achieve their dreams.