Challenge Group

Join an 8-week mentoring group to tackle your challenge! 


The next Challenge Group starts on the 13th of June!

We work on your main challenge in your daily life and find the link between the challenge and your perception, approach, attitudes, and behaviors. All true changes start from the inside and reflect back from the outer world as the outcome of how well we have fought our internal battle

The mentor of the group guides the participants to be of support to each other in changing their perception and grow their awareness. This leads to seeing new solutions that were unavailable to you before. This is when self-discovery becomes essential for personal growth, and tackling the challenge reveals new knowledge aka personal power.


The challenge group takes place once every 2 weeks for 8 weeks. One meeting lasts for 3 hours. A group has 3 members and 1 mentor from .Contriber team.


One group lasts for 2 months after which new groups are being formed where you can continue with the same challenge or pick the next one. Please note that for entrepreneurs we have a separate Mentoring Group offered by .Cocoon Program.


If you have more questions please contact Triin Sarri To reserve yourself a seat please create an account in .Cocoonity App and we'll get in touch with you shortly.​