Accountability Group

New Year's resolutions often happen to be forgotten already by the end of January. Would you like to change that?


Accountability Group is an 8-week online group work format. Every participant commits to tackling a goal or challenge in their life and the group supports him/her during this time.  In the first meeting smaller groups will be formed based on similarities in the needs.


Accountability Group is right for you if:

  • You have a challenge you need to confront but have been avoiding it;

  • You have quit before solving your challenge;

  • You need support with tackling your challenge.

Accountability Group provides its members with an accountability buddy (or 2) and a framework to achieve the set goals and/or tackle the challenges. Batch #7 started on the 17th of January. Accountability Groups will meet on a weekly basis for 30 minutes per group member.

The membership fee to attend the Accountability Group is 25 € per month.

The ongoing group is already full, but feel free to sign up to get a notification about the upcoming accountability groups!

Create an account on Bubble and we'll get in touch with you to help you figure out what challenge to hack and how Accountability Group can help you to solve this challenge.

Or contact Group organizer Triin Sarri She will help you to figure out what challenge to tackle, would this group be beneficial for your situation and any other questions you might have! 

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