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Accountability Group

What is holding you back from becoming the person you want to be?

The next Accountability Group starts on the 29th of August!

Accountability Group is an 8-week online group work format. Every participant commits to tackling a goal or challenge in their life and the group supports him/her during this time. During the first meeting, smaller groups will be formed based on similarities in their needs.

Accountability Group is right for you if you want to:

Learn a

new skill

Adapt a healthy habit


your life

Work on your relationships

Quit a life destructive habit

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Before joining think about the thing you'd like to work on and a specific task you are going to do every day or week that helps you closer to the goal. If you get stuck thinking about the task, the group will support you to figure it out. Or read from our blog what kind of commitments the previous batch participants gave to themselves.

Accountability Group provides its members with an accountability buddy (or 2) and a framework to achieve the set goals and/or tackle the challenges. Accountability Groups will meet on a weekly basis for 30 minutes per group member. The exact meeting time will be agreed upon in the smaller group.

I enjoyed participating in the Accountability Group for several reasons: people, vibe and the results I got. It's a perfect place to start a change in yourself you have been planning to do for a while. I've managed to break some unwanted habits that I have had for years in just 8 weeks and it's a big accomplishment for me.

- Irina Vihhoreva

I participated in an Accountability Group and found it very useful. I formulated my commitment to express my feelings more with an emphasis on negative emotions. The group helped to keep me on track with the commitment and helped to come up with small tasks that help me to move towards the goal. I appreciate these groups very much!

- Kadri Tõnnisson

I joined to change my behavioral patterns and with that gain better control over my life. I learned that other people's support can have a huge impact and I managed to accomplish things that alone I have failed before multiple times. I really enjoyed being in the same network with like-minded and open people.

- Hristo Neiland

The next Accountability Group

starts on the 29th of August!

Accountability Group is part of Warriors School. 

Warrior's School - using the power of perception to change your understanding of yourself and of what you are capable of.

Create an account on .Cocoonity App and we'll get in touch with you to help you figure out what challenge to hack and how Accountability Group can help you to solve this challenge.

Or contact group organizer Triin Sarri She will help you to figure out what challenge to tackle, would this group be beneficial for your situation and any other questions you might have!