10-day Relationship Challenge

August 31 - September 9, 2022


Life revolves around relationships. Therefore, to find fulfillment, we need first to learn a different way of relating...

Think for a moment about the relationships that you have in your life. How many of those are in ease, trust and respect, and you enjoy them? How many of your relationships are a struggle, burden, and in tense in one or another way? All those relationships impact your life. The same applies to your relationship with the circumstances in your life.

All of our lives are nothing more than a set of relationships between us and the circumstances in our lives.

Life is largely dependent upon the relationship between us and, at the very least, one more person or thing. Therefore, if you are in search of happiness, the step with the most return for the effort is building better relationships.

Would you like to be a little bit happier? Or more than just a little bit?

Come with us to a free 10-day Relationship Challenge to understand your relationships better, to make observations, get useful insights and make necessary course-corrections. This is a challenge with daily Missions, that you will get onto your email and in the private Facebook Group. There will be daily Facebook Live videos where we will talk about the Missions' topics and concepts, and we will pass you our knowledge how to improve your relationships.

If you think you have enough courage and will to challenge yourself  to make some introspection and put your effort in your relationships, sign up right now!

Topics we touch:

  • Responsibility

  • Accepting

  • Respect

  • Time

  • Belief

  • Differences between males and females

  • Changing focus

  • Having fun

  • Journaling



During 10 days you will get a mission for each day, also there will be Facebook Live video each day that explains the concept of the mission.

August 31 - September 9, 2022.


Online, your email and a private Facebook group..

To whom?
The 10- day Relationship Challenge is for anyone who is interested to look into themselves and put effort into their relationships.