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Find Your Path with the Heart

Cocoonity is a school for higher learning on the Path of Knowledge.
Have you come to a point where you feel you would like to know more about Life? Or how you should be using your precious Time?

What's your true potential?

You have achieved what you wanted to achieve in life but still, it feels like something is missing.

You want to change your life path, but you do not know what direction to go.

We support you in finding your path with the heart and moving towards your true potential.


How well do you truly know yourself?

 You keep experiencing similar challenges and you are not clear why you need those challenges.


You are wondering why you were born and what should you be doing with your life.

 We help you tackle your challenges and look behind them so you can grow from them and find your own way.


Lack of support for discovering your true self?

It sometimes feels like everyday life is taking over and it hinders your self-discovery.


You have come through experiences that you would like to share with others. And also learn from others.


We support each other in aligning with our true self.

What is .Cocoonity and what do we offer?

.Cocoonity is about finding higher meaning in your life and in your daily challenges through the Path of Knowledge.

Because we believe that the only true knowledge is experiential, we provide the setting for you to feel for yourself your own wonder and uniqueness; to experience for yourself your own value, potential, and creativity.


Our approach is based on the ancient tradition, referred to as the Path of Knowledge, a non-sectarian and non-racial belief system encouraging freedom of religion and philosophy.


The Path of Knowledge is essentially a practical approach to daily life and the many challenges we encounter as our destiny unfolds, leading ultimately to freedom through the skillful handling of awareness.

Since the Path of Knowledge is a lifetime journey the teachings are divided into steps to support you on your growth.

Why Join .Cocoonity?

People from all walks of life and backgrounds have found value from our approach: leaders, specialists, mentors, parents, couples, etc.
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Kadri Aua 

I enjoy participating in the Cocoonity because there is an opportunity to be together and communicate with people with similar interests.

For me, it means learning together with fun and supportive people who encourage me to look at and into myself from different angles.

And there's no need to talk in circles - you can be honest and direct.

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Martins Bicevskis

I have joined many social and political organizations and worked in public administration bodies for a long time.
This has provided an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of discussions about values, beliefs, and different approaches to how others should live better.
The reading group has offered me the opportunity to participate in such a debate, but with one significant difference.
We are discussing our personal experiences and how to introduce some universal principles in our own lives.
What follows is a personal choice – whether to implement these actions or not.
Consequently, this is a very personal process that directly influences my personal development, but at the same time, it takes place in an inclusive, discreet, and intimate environment that I can trust.


Mariann Vahi

For me, Cocoonity and the Path of Knowledge is a way of living. I used to look at myself as a victim in my relationships, at my job and by life in general.

Joining this community I started uncovering ME and LIFE step by step. The teachings give my life structure and foundation to look at life's pain and pleasures as a gift to grow and expand my potential.

I can feel safe and trust life in the most adventurous way showing all the colors and excitement it has to offer.

Our community was founded by people who felt there is more to life than meets the eye and followed their inner feeling that led to the Path of Knowledge.

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Rein Lemberpuu

Mission of .Cocoonity

We want to show the middle path which goes between daily practical life and esoteric depths. It is not difficult to get yourself busy with all the tasks and responsibilities we have in our families, work place, hobbies and communities.

You can also find ways how to be in balance and inner silence once you retreat to live in the countryside and dedicate yourself to some form of meditation.

However we want to show that you do not need to be in the woods to practice spiritual techniques and that you could enjoy life to its fullest by being engaged with passion in materializing your dreams and through that build a connection with your higher self.

What can you expect when you join Cocoonity?


During the 1st year the following skills will be in focus:

Working with Challenges - Challenges are in life so we can grow and learn from them. The more difficult the challenge, the better the prize of overcoming it is. You will learn how every challenge has an integral part in your life and how you can get the most knowledge out of a challenge, instead of being afraid of them.

Working with Mirrors - The world and the people around you are a reflection of you. If you have strong thoughts towards a person or situation then what does it say about you? What do you have or are missing in your life to see the situations as such? Working with mirrors will guide you to work on yourself and take responsibility for your life in a way you did not know is possible. 

Working with Emotions - Emotions are a signal for us that we don’t oftentimes listen to ourselves. Each emotion has a specific purpose and a desire behind it. Understand the emotions and how they work to learn to use them as guides in your life. There are no bad emotions as such, simply ignorance of how they were meant to be used in the first place.

Working with FLOP ( fundamental life operating principle )  - You will start becoming aware of deeply held beliefs that have subconsciously guided your behavior and thoughts. Understanding that some of these beliefs are incomplete and not useful, you can form new beliefs that are more beneficial for you in life.

Methods used in Cocoonity:


Mentoring - 1-on-1 mentoring gives you clarity how the Path of Knowledge teachings apply to your life. A mentor helps you to find personalised tasks for self-commitment.


Reading Group - bi-weekly gathering where our members study and share their thoughts on the teachings through reading.


Accountability Group - weekly meetings between members are there to keep everyone on track with practical tasks and assist each other in the journey of self-discovery.

Masterclass - 4-day course where we share theory, practical tools and evoke experiences necessary to transform your personality in the context of your daily life.


Challenge group - we focus on your personal challenges and find answers to questions that are not visible at first.

Warrior's Game - an all year round fun and adventurous game for advanced learners that culminates with Warrior's Retreat in the month of July.


.Cocoonity school has four levels providing over 200 concepts and skills:

  1. Foundation skills - Practical life (skills) / Being Hu-Man. 

  2. Intermediate skills -  The way of the Hunter / Hunting for Power. 

  3. Advanced skills - The way of the Warrior / The Warrior's Mood. 

  4. Warrior's skills - The way of Commitment / Walking the Warrior's Path. 

What Is Unique?

  • Make new friends and become part of an open and honest community of people who support each other in their discovery of themselves and larger life.

  • Follow a structured and long-term plan for changing your view on life.

  • Focus and work on your unique life patterns and challenges. 

  • Choose your own speed and depth of change that works the best for your personality type.

  • Learn about life mysteries in a practical way.

Interested to Join?

Be A Guest

Learn more about our school before making a commitment.

We offer a 6-month Journey of Adjustment program where you can participate in our reading and accountability groups.

90 EUR per month

Want to Learn More About Us?

We are happy to introduce you to our school and our process for self-discovery.

Contact or let's have a Zoom chat.

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